Used Gold Trommel for Sale

We all know used gold trommel screening is carried out on the material then the first question we must consider is the material can be crushed good, so good to have a crushing plant crushing work, the only way for the trommel Extension to provide raw materials.

Gold Trommel sand gold beneficiation process Introduction

Similar gold placer tin and sand deposited in the hills, the river, where the shore of Lake waterfront, a certain concentration, which has the value of industrial exploitation who called placer deposits. Under normal circumstances monomer dissociation placer gold is high, only the use of drum sieve, large pieces of gold free screening out waste rock, gold sink sticky cloth of gold left in the above, we can get a good indicators.

Gold Trommel works

When gold trommel work constantly rotating, chunks of waste rock can be thrown, so you can save time sorting operation, greatly improving the next sorting operations. The reducer coupling means connected with the drum, the drum driving means is rotated about its axis. Trommel is the use of mechanical methods, several pieces side by side to form a sieve sieve sieve of composing. After shakin by belt conveyor roller device is placed, with the tilt and rotation of the drum unit, so that the material tumbling through various mesh sieve sieve out one by one on the material, the material stuck in the mesh can also be ejected, prevent clogging.

Gold Trommel for Sale

Gold Trommel screen extension is misplaced by flipping through the machine again to achieve the screening, and now some of the industry’s high stone gravel industry requirements, in order to meet customer requirements for crushing equipment should be improved to enhance the quality of the broken, in order to with broken equipment to a better job trommel manufacturers developed a new gold trommel, but the operation is more convenient than ever before, it will be combined with vibrating screening machines Gold Trommel extension so more effectively ensure the quality of the materials to meet customer demand. If you have any questions you can leave us a message, or contact our online customer service, we are happy to serve you.

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