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Stamp Mill

A stamp mill is a large mechanical device used to crush ore and extract the required metals from the main material. It USES heavy steel seals to crush and break down the material, releasing valuable gold from the worthless rock, which can be extracted for further refining. The basic design of the stamp mill has been used for thousands of years for various crushing applications. Its traditional use is in the extraction of minerals, whether copper, silver, gold or any other metal contained in the host rock. In the early days of the gold rush, stamping plants were often powered by water, although steam engines were sometimes used as a power source. Their structure usually consists of a series of heavy metal seals arranged in a wooden frame called a seal battery. The rotary shaft and system are used to raise and lower the seal on the top of the ore. The stamps are heavy and made of steel or cast iron, enough to crush the ore below. The seal is raised repeatedly and dripped onto the ore that is fed to the mill until the coarse ore is reduced to a finer material that can be further processed.

But stamp mill usually refers to a type of mining equipment used to crush ore-containing rock, although it also can mean the building in which the rock is crushed. In ancient times, variations of the stamp mill were used for pounding grain, for processing oil from seeds and in the paper-making process. Traditionally, however, this type of mill machine has been used to mine gold, silver and copper.

Description Of Stamp Mill For Sale

The actual Stamp Mill machine is brand new milling gear. It is actually throughout the nature of substantial shell revolving pace, inner lining smoothly, greater milling medium stowing ratio, lots of mediums, good grinding and polish effectiveness and so forth. Compared using the same type of milling machine, it’s secure procedure, feeding and discharging controlled through motor, fast and easy, time of operating chosen, well-distributed within the particle dimension, tiny in more than degree of grinding, large milling efficiency, modest energy consumption of every unit of components.

Working Principle of Stamp Mill

Stamp Mill principle of work and Raymond Mill roughly the same. Set up a high pressure spring, but in grinding device between the grinding roller and grinding ring crush pressure increased by 1.2 times. When grinding roller and grinding ring reaches a certain wear, by adjusting the pressure spring length, kept constant between roller ring grinding pressure, to ensure the stable quality. At the same time Stamp Mill parts through technology improvement, the grinding roller and grinding ring of maximum contact area and avoid the general milling machine, the small particle materials in the uneven gaps can;t continuous crushing phenomenon. According to nuri parker equation of gas flow calculation and the result of simulation experiment, changed the fineness of classifier in the blade geometry, readjust the gear edge Angle and relative gap, make into the classification of ultrafine powder can effectively is sorting out accurately.

Gold processing equipment for the stamp mill has special requirements

  1. Gold processing equipment towards the mine constant loop: Requires stamp mill to the ore processing capacity newspapers near to the stamp mill level. The loop detection element is installed on a stamp mill to the mine’s conveyor belt scale about the actuator is powered belt conveyor drive engine rotation.
  2. The proportion of mineral drinking water mill circuit: According to the ore generator, stamp mill to determine the amount associated with water, through the computer’s proportional control loop from the stamp mill to sluice adjusted so the pulp mill pages remained constant.
  3. Classifier flood concentration control loop: Under normal circumstances, when little change once the nature of the ore, grading machine overflow product size and concentration of the certain relationship. Therefore, the concentration of the utilization classifier overflow control loop, the classifier overflow concentration is maintained in a predetermined value, then the classifier overflow control product particle size inside a certain range.
  4. The amount of sand grading machine to the monitor: nature of the ore as well as grinding conditions change, grading machines can often return from the quantity of sand to get reactions. Currently. Since lack of sand back from the classifier direct measurement of the quantity of sand back an effective method commonly used detection approach to grading machine shaft power to indirectly monitor the grading machine back to the quantity of sand. Grading machine shaft power can end up being Hall-power transmitter ( styling products ) screening.
  5. The power stamp mill test: to detect the loading from the stamp mill, stamp mill load to avoid inadequate or overloaded.

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