Solutions For Breakage Of Vibrating Screen Mesh

For enterprises every year to spend a lot of vibrating screen, screen mesh of the use cost is a huge spending. As a result, most companies in the mining machinery industry is the most important problem is how to save costs. Here, our experts will tell you clearly that how to extend the service life of vibrating screen. I hope these tips will be helpful.

The main reasons are

  1. We should first of all should pay attention to is the quality of the network. If you use vibrating screen mesh material quality is very poor, it is easy to break, shielding net. So remember to choose good quality network, meet production standards.
  2. Screen mesh tension is not enough, which often result in a net vibration, so as to make the screen net cover edge crack or damage deposit.
  3. Have two layers of mesh: screen layer and the underlying layer. They need to be connected to each other very closely. If the screen mesh of tensioning technical force is weak, loose shielding layer won’t be pulled and then net and the distance of the vibration is too large, will not make the picture frame compression approach. All this will lead to the screen mesh is easy to damage.

According to the above reasons, lead to the breakage of the sieve net, we need to find solutions, to help users to solve these problems, save us a lot of resources and cost. First of all, we need to be more like good quality screen, so we should check the net tensioning status; If we want to filter out liquid, we need to add the bumper of the equipment.

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