Portable Copper Ore Crusher

Zenith for the unique physical and chemical characteristics of the existing copper crusher special processing dedicated to the transformation of the production of copper ore crusher copper crusher to resolve because of the special physical and chemical properties of copper to bring Some individual problems . Meanwhile dedicated copper crusher blocking material can be completely solved , enough granularity traditional crusher and other issues arise when broken copper , improve the efficiency of reducing the frequency of the problem.

Zenith crusher industry has gone through decades of ups and downs, the product line covers a crusher, sand making mills and other industries , customers throughout the United States, Britain , France, Germany, Australia , New Zealand, Japan, 300 a number of countries and regions. Copper crusher manufactured by Zenith , broken copper industry leading position in the field of a crusher, it has a big crushing ratio , finished efforts of small , broken copper more efficient, more secure, longer life , etc. characteristics, is the development and utilization of copper manufacturers deserve choice.

Crawler mobile crushing station

Crawler mobile crushing plant is the company to meet the market demand, independent research and development of mobile hydraulic drive track-type vehicle chassis walking crushing and screening equipment. The model has a high performance, high reliability , attractive appearance and other characteristics, has reached the international level of similar products . Widely used in a variety of materials and ore hardness material crushing rocks , such as granite , basalt , diabase , shale, sandstone , quartz stone, river gravel , limestone , iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore , coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ores, pebbles and so on. Advantages : a reliable performance and easy to operate . Mobile crushing station using our high performance crusher, vibrating screen and feeder, stable and reliable quality ; servo control system use imported Pilot operating system , manipulating light, precise control, and can achieve stepless walking speed . Second, the ground is stronger than depression adaptability. Crawler chassis adopts full rigid hull structure, high strength , Ground down by the good nature of the mountains , wetlands have a good adaptability ; military cryogenic engine can be installed preheat starting device , so that the low temperature of the device at -25C бу environment can easily start ; Third, the combination of flexible widely used. Depending on demand , the series of mobile crushing station can not only stand-alone group run independently, can also be a combination of crushing , fine crushing and screening system and two-stage crushing, crushing, crushing three-stage crushing and screening system , or a combination according to the situation into other systems.

Tire type mobile crushing station

Tire type mobile crushing plant is the company launched the development of series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment , it has significantly expanded the concept of crushing operations. It is designed to eliminate the concept of crushing site , environment, complicated logistics base configuration and complexity barriers crushing operations to bring customers truly provide customers with efficient , cost-effective operation of the project ‘s hardware. Product advantages: one , flexible portfolio diversification . Car traction , compact, rugged and stable , so crushing station on the job site or whether roads are able to meet the mobility needs ; various models to quickly match combinations with other models to meet the different needs of production operations . Second, the role of direct jobs effectively reduce material handling costs. Each model portfolio operations, able to conduct on-site crushing of materials , supplies and finished products can be directly after crushing and screening to meet customer requirements, but also eliminates the material is transported from the work site and then crushing the middle part , which greatly reduces the cost of transportation of materials. Third, adaptable on-demand . The crushing station can be equipped with independent generators , if not using the local power grid , the machine can still work properly ; same time I can be specifically tailored mobile crushing station according to the customer ‘s site , materials, grain type and other requirements. Fourth, reliable performance and easy maintenance. Mobile crushing station using our high performance crusher, vibrating screen and feeder, stable and reliable quality ; based on my many years experience in manufacturing mobile crushing station , the crushing station mature technology , simple operation , easy maintenance.

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