Nickel ore Crushing Plant

Russian nickel ore

Nickel (Ni) is hard, silver white metal that has numerous physical and chemical properties including strength, corrosion resistance, high ductility, good thermal and electrical conductivity, magnetic characteristics, and catalytic properties. Nickel’s primary use is in the manufacture of stainless steel, steel alloys and super alloys, which have a major role in the development of the chemical and aerospace industries. Nickel is also used in batteries and fuel cells, and as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of fats and oils.

Economic concentrations of nickel can be found in two differing geological environments, as a sulphide ore and as a lateritic nickel ore. The main economic sulphide nickel mineral is pentlandite (Fe, Ni)9S8, which occurs with pyrrhotite (FenSn+1), pyrite ( FeS ), and chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) in lodes in mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks. The major lateritic nickel mineral is garnierite ((Ni, Mg)SiO3.nH2O) and nickeliferous limonite (nickel mixed with hydrated iron oxide). The nickel grade of sulphide ore typically ranges from 1-4 % nickel, and that of lateritic ore from 1-2 % nickel. Australia , Russia and Canada are the world’s major producers of nickel.

Nickel ore crushing plant in Russia

Most nickel ore is low grade nickel laterite and the process of nickel ore is very important. Firstly, the nickel ore should be conveyed to the jaw stone crusher and crushed primarily. Jaw crusher is the most common crushing equipment and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, water conservancy, chemical industry. Jaw crusher not only can crush nickel ore, but also can crush raw material of granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, cooper, and steel slag. Jaw crusher is suitable to be applied in the primary and secondary crushing stage with compression less than 320MPa. Zenith jaw crusher has the advantage of simple structure, large crushing ration, reliable working operation, and low operation cost. Besides, jaw crusher is suitable to crush hardest rock and recycle material. Besides, impact stone crusher and cone stonecrusher is suitable to be applied in the secondary crushing stage. Impact crusher and cone crusher is suitable to crush the nickel ore because of the great performance, high crushing efficiency, large crushing ration, and reliable operation.

Nickel ore crusher

The nickel crusher is widely used in nickel processing plant. Zenith is a major nickel crusher manufacturer in Russia, Our nickel crusher is from primary crushing, secondary crushing to fineness crushing. Also we have the most sales volume in Russia. The common nickel crusher arejaw crusher, impact crusher, S series cone crusher, HCS Series Hydraulic Cylinder Cone Crusher, HP series cone crusher and so on.The crushing capacity of the nickel crusher can be up to 1000 TPH, the final grain size of the crushed nickel ore can be down to 2mm in diameter.

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