Machine for Beneficiation of Hematite

Hematite mineral processing equipment introduced

Hematite iron ore beneficiation equipment referred to as processing equipment, including crushing equipment, grinding equipment , fine grading equipment screening , magnetic separation equipment, five kinds of flotation device , do the following detailed description of : one , crushing equipment: jaw crusher machine, impact crusher , hammer crusher , cone crusher ; Second, grinding equipment : dressing mill , energy saving ball mill ; Third, fine grading equipment screening , vibrating screen, spiral classifier ; Fourth, magnetic separation equipment: magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator , high gradient magnetic separator ; five , flotation equipment: flotation machine , inflatable flotation machine .

Hematite beneficiation equipment works

Mine ore processed hard rock is hematite , iron minerals are mainly martite semi martite gangue minerals are mainly quartz , followed by a amphibole , chlorite . The ore was significantly banded structure , fine-grained disseminated , and the particle size of quartz martite is generally 0.02-0.2mm, the ore to be ground to -200 mesh 80% g / t, dubbed a 20% aqueous solution was added second mill , flotation PH value of 8.5-9.5 , pulp temperature of 30-33 degrees , the collector of 390g / t with a mixture of paraffin oxide soap tall oil 130g / t , using gravity separation of iron ore to that is mainly used for sorting the weak magnetic hematite , and its application , there are two : one is a higher deposit geology taste ( about 50% ) but thinner or mezzanine ore more time mining waste rock mixed with the ore depletion of this mineral can be used not only crushing grinding, in the case of coarse grain size of coarse tailings discarded by the re-election , thereby restoring geology taste, get a medium coarse taste concentrate , or further processing , or sent directly to the blast furnace , which is called coarse-grained re-election , and the other is a fine-grained disseminated ore or red mixed ore ( ie red with weakly magnetic and ferromagnetic mineral magnetite ) , crushed , grinding iron minerals monomer separated by magnetic reconnection re-election or election to obtain fine-grained high-grade ore, which is called fine-grained hematite re-election .

Hematite beneficiation equipment features

Hematite is iron oxide , which in turn heavy and hard . Hematite iron content up to 70% and can be a lot of output, and thus is the most important iron ore . Hematite name due to a dark red it emits . Use hematite magnetic separator must be used to select a very high magnetic field and the mineral break into very small, so that it can be separated from the iron . Hematite magnetic separator of high magnetic field intensity up to the full 16,000 gauss magnetic roller , a magnetic roller has a diameter of 100-500 , depending on the processing apparatus may be equipped with different types of processing amount . Hematite mineral processing equipment has the advantages of power consumption is small, light and easy to drag the whole , large capacity and so on. Hematite mineral processing equipment can be divided into dry separation equipment and water are two hematite hematite selected device . Workload dry separation equipment generally used as hematite primaries , saving ball mill to prepare for the selection of the primaries do , feed size is available in 2mm-5mm. Water equipment is generally selected as a featured hematite iron use , depending on the particle size of the ore can be magnetic at 30-200 mesh, elected concentrate grade of up to fifty or sixty .

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