Gypsum Mining Equipment

Gypsum powder production line equipment

Zenith gypsum powder production line equipment provided include: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, grinding machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, electric equipment, first through the jaw crusher for primary crushing, then through the mill grinding machines, the company projects until the processing needed for the production and processing granularity, gypsum major applications processed by our company in the field of building materials, construction, chemical, agriculture, etc., and get the praise of customers.

Our production line in the country pioneered the use of refined and modified cooling process grinding process to solve the problem of the finished product calcined gypsum waste heat generated by thermal polymerization phase change occurs affecting product quality and due to chemical gypsum formation mechanism affected by the presence of easy of poor water retention problems and make better use of chemical gypsum plaster to a variety of building materials as possible.

Surface mining equipment

In the open pit production, semi-continuous processes are emerging as a strong adaptability to highlight the advantages of a more sophisticated way of mining technology, technology has become an important development direction of open-pit mining process. It combines the advantages of continuous and discontinuous process technology, can effectively solve the mining, rock hard coal, to achieve a continuous transportation of coal and rock, is conducive to the expansion of production scale and lower production costs.

Zenith mobile crusher stood a large opencast coal mine used to prove that the process operating cost than single bucket – Truck technology to reduce more than 50%, can effectively address the high cost of trucking, fuel and spare parts supply difficult problem for China Opencast the process selection has played a positive role in promoting.

Surface Mining necessary screening equipment

Mined from the open pit mining of materials, based on a variety of different sized particles are mixed together, you need to be divided into several levels of granularity similar, which must use screening equipment – circular vibrating screen. Zenith circular vibrating screen is a circular vibrating doing, number of layers, efficient new shaker. It uses a cylinder-type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude, material screening length, screening specifications, reliable structure, strong exciting force, low vibration and noise, durable, easy maintenance, use of safety features. In addition, as do the circular vibration trajectory, so that the material is constantly flipping the screen surface and loose, so fine an opportunity to move to the lower grade material layer is discharged through the sieve; stuck in the mesh material can jump in and prevent the sieve plug the hole, so the screening efficiency is very high. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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