Fly Ash Processing Plant

Ash Mill

Fly mill system consists of drying machines, elevator, silos, mills hosts, fans, powder collector, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures and other components, the system is simple, compact layout, process flow, negative pressure, closed cycle, does not produce secondary pollution, dust removal device using baghouse to reduce emissions.

Fly mill works, the system power source for the high pressure air in the system under negative pressure, fly through feeder evenly governor was negative suction pipe, the pipe after mixing with air entering the first stage separation device — vortex separator, a forced vortex is formed in the vortex separator, the centrifugal force generated during rotation of the coarse particles are able to overcome the movement of the negative pressure zone of turbulence being left to collide with the wall surface or the screen and is reflected capture, relying on its own gravity discharge; fine particles were sucked negative vortex region by both sides of the volute discharge, in order to achieve separation of the thickness of the particle. In fact due to the aggregation of particles and large particles entrained, there are always some fine ash mixed with coarse ash.

Fly introduced several grinding process

Co-grinding. Clinker grinding is common, gypsum, fly ash while grinding mill feed, the process has two open loop flow and flow, and open another common open stream flows and high fine grinding mill points to open stream . Co-grinding process is simple, less equipment, low investment, simple operation, polished cement quality fully meet the requirements. Fly on clinker grinding action will help, and can clean up fine grinding surface adsorption, can obtain an appropriate increase mill output, but very different particle size material into the mill, a large number of fine powder into the flour mill The first position of the mill ash cushioning effect, which in turn limits the further increase mill output.

Separate grinding. Separate grinding clinker and gypsum are using a grinding mill (open circles stream flow) to the finished product fineness of fly ash with another mill (can be used to open stream high-fine grinding) mill to finished fineness, and the mixing ratio of finely ground product. This process can select different structural forms and specifications depending on the particle size of materials into the mill grinder, grinding reasonable choice gradation, use full mill capacity.

Fly directly elected powder feeding machine. This process is the clinker and gypsum into the ring grinding mill stream, fed directly elected ash powder. This process, grinding mill capacity did not change, but the strength of cement declined. This is mainly ash particles is lower than the proportion of clinker, when entering the separator was chosen as part of a larger particle finished, but finished ash particles directly elected without grinding process, glassy surface casing is not damaged, thus affecting its activity play.

Fly ash processing equipment

Fly how much of a milling machine, which is a problem many users are more concerned about. Because different device models, ash mill price is not the same. Also need to remind users that, in the purchase of mill equipment when not just focus on price, more is to look at the performance of the device and the manufacturer’s service, so as not to give myself to worry about. As a professional milling machine manufacturer, Zenith launched a series of fly ash mill, processed fly ash particle size uniformity, high surface activity. If you have any need or questions, you can always contact our customer service staff, or leave us a message.

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