Feldspar Crushing Process

Feldspar Processing prospects

Alkali feldspar has not high melting point, long time, and the melt viscosity of the melt is high, glassy substance formed under high temperature melting characteristics of transparency, alkali feldspar, glass and glass products as raw materials, can reduce the melting temperature of the glass, save soda, it is also the main raw material of various ceramics, enamel, porcelain and glaze blank. In recent years, with the development of color bulb and high pressure electric porcelain industry, and the growing gentrification ceramics for daily use, the demand for high-purity low iron alkali feldspar continues to increase, subject to resource constraints, high-quality alkali feldspar was in short supply trend. Most of the iron ore shall be in addition to be able to meet the quality requirements of industrial production, so long iron ore beneficiation process is highly valued by the business.

Feldspar processing

My company for the process according to the situation of township enterprises in the technological transformation. The second process to produce alkali feldspar ceramic and color though to meet product quality requirements bulb factory, but because of the high processing costs, environmental pollution, so the process can not be used. The third process due to wet production can meet quality requirements of high-end ceramic and colored glass bulb, complex process required pressure filtration, drying equipment, production costs are still high, so it can not be used.

According to the nature of the ore mine, we specify a fourth process: Hammer Crusher – Pendulum Grinder – magnetic separation process, the dry process production, production capacity, simple technology, low production costs, applies to township enterprises. In the ceramic industry and color glass production industry due to fear of iron contamination, they use a grinding wheel mill, pebble mill or ceramic lining balls as grinding mill equipment, although they can avoid iron contamination, but its low grinding efficiency, grinding for a long time, low yields, high energy consumption; using high efficiency wet grinding rod mill, although improved grinding efficiency, but wet production requires enrichment equipment and pressure filtration equipment, drying equipment, so since the cost of production greatly improved; selection process Pendulum Grinder so simplistic, reduce production costs a lot, and mixed with a mechanical pendulum mill iron is removed in subsequent magnetic separation for the.

Advantage of my company equipment

Made of glass ceramics industry, many customer requirements 80-300 mesh, we manufacture and the European version of the Trapezium Mill milling machine is a professional to do this fineness range of milling equipment, can be directly processed into chunks of ore from 80 to 400 mesh, and the iron content of the product can be less than 0.05%. For more than 400 mesh high fineness powder, ultra-fine grinding Division I, you can put 30 cm below the material processing to 400-2500 mesh sieve pass rate of 97% iron content of less than 0.05%, to ensure that the powder reached the international requires high-end powder.</p

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