Crushing And Screening Plant

Mobile crushing and screening technology

Zenith will be the world’s most advanced mobile crushing and screening equipment and technology, and the development of German professional construction waste disposal equipment manufacturers Abkhazia marks the company to cooperate, to create the world’s advanced level of technology mobile crushing station. Zenith professional engineer, said construction waste disposal equipment, mobile crushing and screening equipment will be gravel aggregate production and urban construction waste disposal industry and have a positive impact on the technological revolution.

Our mobile screening technology used in the aggregate processing and construction waste recycling a reality in the field, the actual work can be crushing mobile crusher, mobile crushing plant and mobile crushing and screening station portfolio, which is equivalent to a movable sand stone production line. As can be mobile jaw crusher station, cone crusher station, consisting of a complete screening station stone production line, the production line in order to refine the production line configuration, flexible transitions used in quarry operations, mining stone crushing and screening. By pre-screening materials and construction waste crushing realization of recycling, to achieve the perfect resource re-use, cost-saving and environmental protection, and many other benefits.

What factors will affect the screening process of crushing and screening machine

Fragmentation is to get the material to meet the requirements of an important part of screening is also no screening, will not be able to get a good granularity, finished good quality stone products, materials screening process at the same there are some issues that need our attention.

  1. Moisture content. Moisture content, also known as humidity or moisture. Attached to the external surface of the water in the material, has a great influence on the screening material.
  2. Clay content. When materials containing agglomerated material is easy, even if very little water, screening there will be difficulties.
  3. Sieve. Sieve sieve surface movement forms a loose relationship between the speed of the sieve material layer and fine material needs through the sieve screen surface relative movement, direction, frequency, etc., thus layered, transparent screening process are affected.

To get a good grain finished materials, screening is also necessary to arouse the attention of a link, Zenith wiring professional engineer, teach you every crushing and screening every precautions to help you with high efficiency, high quality finish production tasks, you are welcome to consult the on-line customer service.

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