Chromite Mining Process

Chromite Mining the Process

Chromite (block, cubic system) (Chromite massive Isometric) is the mineral magmatism, often from the ultrabasic rock, and olivine symbiosis; Also found in sands. Appearance looks very like magnetite, show or lump. In the metallurgical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce chromium iron alloy and metal chrome. Ferrochrome as steel to add material to produce a variety of high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to oxidation of special steel. Chromium metal is mainly used for and the element such as cobalt, nickel, tungsten smelting special alloy. Chromite is the shortage of minerals, reserves, production is low. In industry, often the chromite, chromium spinel, rich chromium spinel, hard chromium spinel and similar mineral, collectively known as chromite.

The world situation

Chromium, according to the international development association (ICDA) data, the 2003 world ferrochrome consumption of 5.4 million tons, ferrochrome supply of 5.25 million tons, supply of 150000 tons. Is expected in 2004 the world stainless steel crude steel output of 24 million tons, ferrochrome demand is expected to be 5.6 million tons, ferrochrome supply is 5.45 million tons, only supply shortfall of 150000 tons. The ferrochrome market in 2005 is expected to continue to appear in short supply situation, the supply gap will reach 200000 tons; With the new production capacity, supply will improve in 2006. South Africa Kermas group Samancor instead chromium industry expects 2010 global shortage of high carbon ferrochrome began, in 2015 the lack of 2.1 million tons each year.

Chromite crushing equipment

Chromite crushing equipment should include: vibrating feeder, crushing equipment, vibration conveyor belt. Cone crusher is the most common crushing chromite quarrying equipment (chrome ore). There are four types: spring cone crusher, simmons hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher, cone crusher and HCS. Jaw crusher and impact crusher can also be used for chromium crushing equipment. Here is a common chromite and crushing equipment: jaw crusher vibration feeder, the cone crusher vibrating screen. High on the dotted line, jaw crusher and broken, to ensure that the small broken cone crusher efficiency and the proportion of the final products factory is small. Through the different combination of vibrating screen layer, dotted line, can get different sizes of granite powder in the end.

Chromite purposes

For different material storage size of chromite mining customers. The only chrome ore chromite. Two main products are refined chromite ferrochrome, metal chromium of these products have a quite different mineral smelting process. For chromite ferrochrome production decrease, aluminum or silicon, and aluminium pure ferrochrome must flavor substances of chromium separation step two roasting leaching process. Chromium is used in refractory material, because it has a high thermal stability.

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