Chrome Ore Crusher

The traditional aggregates production process after blasting rocks crushed after initial crushing jaw crusher , impact crusher and then choose according to fineness stone hardness and yield needed or cone crusher for medium crushing , and finally through the chrome ore crusher processed into standard sand and gravel particles , also called wet sand with sand washing machine for cleaning sand and gravel , and finally the formation of clean sand and gravel used in construction of high-quality , promoting the pace of progress of mining machinery .

When energy Zenith crusher much lower chromium ore , the same power consumption , the application of chromium ore crusher Zenith may produce more than double the other gravel material chrome ore crusher. This production enterprises is cost savings, increased profits.

Chrome ore crusher previous start , first check whether the ore crushing cavity , or other objects jammed ; checking the width of the tank port of discharge is appropriate ; spring safety device to check whether it is normal , and so on . As the above checks , and make sure the check is correct, according to the following procedure starting chrome ore crusher. Chrome ore into the crusher to the ore should be from the point on the disc evenly to feed into the crushing chamber , otherwise it will lead to overload the machine and make the movable and stationary liner premature wear and reduce the production capacity of the equipment , and produce uneven granularity . Meanwhile, the ore is not allowed to enter only into the crushing chamber from the side , and feed size should be controlled within a predetermined range. Note that even to the mine at the same time , you must also pay attention to the issue of discharge , if the row of ore stacked on chrome ore crusher discharge below the mouth of the mine , it is possible to put together a movable roof , as well as a major accident . Therefore , after the discovery of discharge port plug should be immediately shut down, quickly processed. For crushing chrome ore crusher product size , must be strictly controlled in order to increase production capacity and reduce the mill grinding costs. To this end , requiring the operator to periodically check the wear condition of discharge ports , and adjust the size of the port of discharge to ensure that the requirements broken product.

Zenith Crusher

Zenith Crusher machine using the latest manufacturing technology, the unique structural design, processing was finished cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good, can handle no more than 120-500 mm particle size, the compressive strength of not more than 320 trillion Pa various coarse, medium and fine materials ores, rocks (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in water and electricity, highway, artificial aggregate, crushing and other industries. This series of unique crusher structure, equipped with high chrome hammer, unique counterattack lining; suitable for hard rock crushing, energy efficient; marker particle size adjustable, can be simplified crushing process, and has large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, cubic shape, broken, etc optional.

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