Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

Cement ball mill

Traditionally, the closed circuit ball mill with high efficiency separator has been the most common system for cement grinding. Zenith cement ball mill is now successfully being used for many clinker grinding applications and is rapidly becoming the standard for new grinding installations.

Ball mills are predominantly used machines for grinding in the cement industry. Although ball mills have been used for more than one hundred years, the design is still being improved in order to reduce the grinding costs.

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The production process of cement in Singapore

Crushing and pre-homogenization

Crushing In the production process of cement, we have to crush most of the raw materials.Raw material pre-homogenization The technique will primarily homogenize raw materials by advanced reclaimer technology in the storage and extraction process, enabling the raw material storage area to store and homogenize materials simultaneously.

Preparation and production of raw materials

We need to choose the right grinding equipment and process, optimize processing parameters, perform correctly and bring the operation under strict control. All these measures play an important role in ensuring product quality and reducing energy consumption.

Homogenization of raw materials

In the newly developed dry cement production process, stabilizing the ingredients of raw materials in storage area serves as the prerequisite of stabilizing the clinker roasting thermal system. The homogenization system of raw materials plays as the last checkpoint of stabilizing raw material ingredients before they are stored.

Decomposition by pre-heating

The process is carried out by preheater. The process could shorten the length of the kiln back, and enables gas-heat exchange in the accumulating state inside the storage. The process will be completed in the preheater in a state of suspension.

Calcineing of the cement clinker

After being preheated and pre-decomposed by the whirlwind preheater, the raw materials will be conveyed to the rotary kiln for the production of clinker.

Cement grinding

Cement grinding is the last and the largest power-consuming process in cement production. The process grinds the cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance enhancing materials) into right size with proper gradation. The process also expands the hydrated surface and accelerates hydration, making the cement slurry better meet the cementation and hardening requirement.

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