Benefication Of Iron

Indian iron ore

Hematite and magnetite are the most important iron ores in India. About 59% hematite ore deposits are found in the Eastern Sector. About 92% magnetite ore deposits occur in Southern Sector, especially in Karnataka. Of these, hematite is considered to be superior because of its higher grade.

Very low grade Iron ore can not be used in metallurgical plants and needs to be upgraded to increase the iron content and reduce gangue contents. A process adapt to up grade ore is called Beneficiation. Iron Ore is up graded to higher iron content through concentration. Iron ore is beneficiated to all around the world to meet the quality requirement of large steel industries. Several technologies are available such as washing, jigging, magnetic separation; advance gravity separation and floatation are being employed to enhance the quantity of the Iron ore.

Beneficiation process of iron:

  1. Screening of raw ore through vibrating grizzely.
  2. +30mm size will be crushed by JAW CRUSHER.
  3. This material is again screened through D. D. Vibratory screen.
  4. -1mm will go to sump and +1mm will be fed to ball mill.
  5. Discharge of ball mill will go through H. SP. Screen.
  6. -1mm will go to sump and +1mm will be re-fed to ball mill.
  7. From sump the material will be pumped to Hydro cyclone.
  8. Under flow from Hydro cyclone will be collected in sump and Pumped to cluster of Cyclones.
  9. Under flow from cluster of cyclones will go to Primary spiral.
  10. From Primary Spiral concentrate will go to Secondary spiral and rejects will go to tailing Pond.
  11. From secondary spiral – rejects will go to tailing pond, concentrate is finished product, will go to stock yard and spiral middle will be re-fed to primary spiral.
  12. Over flow of Hydro cyclone and cluster of cyclones will be collected in a sump and Pumped to Desliming cyclone,
  13. Over flow will go to tailing pond and under flow will go to sump and pumped to WHIMS.
  14. The concentrate from WHIMS will go to stock yard as finished product and tail will go to RCC bedded tailing pond.
  15. Water from tailing pond will be taken in recovery tanks. There will be 3 recovery tanks with RCC sloping bed, after settlement of solids water is removed for re-use and solids will be scrapped out manually. The tanks will be used alternately while one is allowed to dry other two will be in use. Scrapped solids will be sold for brick making.

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