K Series Portable Crushing Plant

K Series Portable Crushing Plant unit configuration – PF series impact crusher, crusher adopts the latest manufacturing technology, selects high-quality high-chrome plate hammer, wear-resistant counter-attack liner, large crushing ratio, in addition to counter-crushing machine itself finished grain shape The high-quality features make the mobile crushing unit equipment have a wider range of applications.

K Series Portable Crushing Plant performance characteristics

The characteristics of the K series portable crushing plant are: large processing capacity, medium crushing, high efficiency, economy, strong adaptability, crushing and screening treatment, and self-loading conveyor.

The equipment is flexible in configuration, and can be independently produced by a single unit, or it can be combined with rough breaking equipment. In addition to supplying power to the unit, the diesel generators installed in the mobile crusher unit can also be configured to provide combined power supply to the process system, which greatly improves the adaptability of the equipment.

The K Series portable crushing plant unit has a high vehicle chassis, the vehicle body width is smaller than the operating semi-trailer, and the turning radius is small, which is convenient for driving in the rugged road environment of the crushing field, and is more conducive to stationing in the construction area.

The configured impact crusher can not only crush a certain first-line material in the field, but also directly produce the finished sandstone material with the ideal granularity. The working range is expanded and the material transfer and transportation cost are also reduced. In addition, the medium crushing mobile crusher extension unit can directly send the broken materials into the transfer car box to facilitate timely transportation.

The impact crushing principle of the impact crusher produces a better finished product size, which can significantly improve the overall working efficiency of the mobile crushing station.

The medium crushing and K series portable crushing plant unit is installed and integrated, the overall coordination is strong, the space layout is reasonable and compact, which saves time and space for on-site construction, improves flexibility, and eliminates a large amount of site infrastructure, greatly reducing the Investment costs, easy operation and maintenance. The division of equipment configuration equipment is clear, concise and easy to maintain.

  1. 1. Flexible equipment configuration, independent production of single unit;
  2. 2. It is more conducive to stationing in the construction area;
  3. 3. Greatly reduce the transfer and transportation costs of materials;
  4. 4. The overall work efficiency is high;
  5. 5, operation and maintenance is simple and easy to maintain.

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